Sue Vernon receives BPE award

Sue's award

During the last 12 months Sue Vernon has been entering exhibitions that are part of the BPE  (British Photographic Exhibitions) circuit. At the moment there are 17 exhibitions available to enter. Every photo accepted is awarded 1 point towards BPE Awards.

After accruing 25 points Sue was able to apply for a BPE '1 Crown' award. Participants can continue building up points, so 50 points = 2 Crown, and finally 300 points will qualify for the  BPE 5 Crown award.

On-line competitions 2020

The competition themes for 2020 are as follows :

January 2020 - Autumn
February 2020 - Reflections
March 2020 - Still Life
April 2020 - Patterns
May 2020 - Portrait
June 2020 - Atmospheric Scenes
July 2020 - Perspective
August 2020 - Water
September 2020 - Leaves
October 2020 - Transport
November 2020 - Glass

UNICEF charity collection


At our club meeting on 2nd September, David Bull, formerly the CEO of UNICEF UK presented photos of his travels in aid of children all over the world. We had an excellent turnout, and members' donations, as well as David's generous donation of his speaking fee, amounted to £170 in total

I'm sure everyone enjoyed David's amazing presentation of a life in charitable causes. Thanks to David and everyone who donated.

Chester Trip


The day of the outing finally arrived and we were on our way. After a brilliant journey with little traffic we arrived at a warm and bright Chester. We were so fortunate with the weather after having had many  cool and wet days.

New website feature - Blog


Click the "Blog" tab to see our new blog !

The idea is to have articles of interest on matters photographic, as well as longer articles about the club.  I have started with "My First Photograph". If any members have the makings of an article they would like published, we'd love to hear from you and can help with content and layout.

I'll be posting articles about my own old cameras and having fun with film.

CPAGB Successes at Colwyn Bay

Lin, Peter and Sue

Congratulations are due to Sue, Peter and Lin who visited Colwyn Bay on Saturday 27th April 2019 for their prints to be assessed for the "Awards for Photographic Merit" (APM) award by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB).

They submitted 10 prints each for assessment which were then marked by a panel of 6 judges who could award between 2 and 5 points for each print, and they had to achieve a minimum of 200 points to be awarded a Credit.

Mount sizes

Vince Penticost pointed out at our last print competition that the standard mount size has been metricated !
The standard maximum size for mounts is now 500x400mm, or 19.7 x 15.7 inches, slightly smaller than the 20x16 inch size previously used

The print competition guidance has been updated accordingly